I Play With Dolls For Free

I am just happy to share that my first story (and there will be many more–some longer, some shorter–I am not a size queen) is on Amazon and I am very proud of it. It was an awesome experience, as writing was something I always loved but got away from it the last couple of years, and I saw I needed to get back to it and write whatever hell I wanted to write. 

My day job is very boring and I guess that is why I want to write erotica which is the opposite of boring.

I saw a documentary about men who liked to dress up as living dolls and I just felt this need to write about it. A story came to me about some of the kinky stuff I hear that happens in my home DC and then I just wrote the story.

I found a good editor and cover designer to do me a little favor (I’m hustler and have every nice eyes 😉 and now it is up and free for today and tomorrow. 

I am already working on my next one but this one I am very proud to share; it is erotica and that includes being artful, sexy, kinky, and has an ending that both my editor and I enjoyed.

I hope you enjoy it too.



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