Can Politics Be In Your Erotica?


I’ve been told erotica should be like a first date, you should be at your best self and don’t mention religion and politics. I have to say, this is good advice but yet I like to break rules; isn’t some of the best erotica about pushing boundaries? 

While I don’t think a political point of view should be shoved in the readers face (though some other things should 😉 I think politics is a great setting for erotic tales. 

I live in DC and even work for the Govt. and must say 99% of ‘real world’ politics is kind of boring, but there is that 1% time where it gets down and dirty which can make for a nice dirty story. I like that 1% (I’m not, economically, but would like to be) and like to use that part of DC and politics itself as a character and setting for erotic stories. 

My editor is a satirist and he preaches to try to be different and stand out, so I think it is ok when there is no real agenda (he said the only thing that should lean left or right are a man’s, you know ;), but who knows, I could see myself writing a sexy story about Occupiers sharing a tent. 



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