Review of “Mitt”

Great White House


My co-writer Brody Thomas enjoyed “Mitt” but all I could think while watching it: thank God he wasn’t elected, it would have sucked to have him be the lead character of “Great White House”.

Mitt Romney is just a boring guy and doesn’t make much for lively television. I know a lot people have critiqued him as being rich and out of touch, but whatever, he has money I can’t fault the guy for that.

I want money, that doesn’t make me evil, but what I can fault is seeing a guy who is that not good at or even belongs in Politics.

Where Bush had Rove, Obama had the mustache guy, and Clinton had that really ugly guy (we are seeing a trend that ugly men making for great political operatives) we see Romney only with his family.

We still do see a guy who is out of touch…

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