Even Fox News Likes To Fuck


My editor said he had an idea he wanted to write but there was just too much on his plate, and asked me if I wanted to write it.

Now, I love working with an editor but I like coming up with my own ideas, but the idea was so much fun I thought–hell, I need to write this and I could it write it well.

He said it was just a plot of an extreme left-wing group drugging Fox News’ water supply and making them have sex with each other. Now, I won’t lie, I work for the Government (yes I have a pen name for many reasons) and lean very left but the idea of Sean Hannity having hot sex with Elizabeth Hasselbeck was just something I felt like I had to do.

So I am working on it with the title “A Fair & Balanced Fuck Fest” and my editor is very happy of what I have so far, and yes the Hannity-Hasselbeck scene is pretty damn hot.

More to cum…



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