The Fetish Gamble


In erotica, risk is not always awarded. It is very much a hit or miss kind of thing. Though, I am more a football girl, the baseball metaphor of homerun and strike out comes to play when you write a fetish centric erotic work.

I saw an intriguing documentary about ‘maskers’: men who like to dress up like female dolls. It was fascinating to me, and I found the act very erotic. It is also free today and tomorrow.

I wrote a solid story and put it out for the same price as many other erotica pieces but it has not done that well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, and I know I am newbie at this but I see it was a high risk, high reward story to write.

Artistically it was very fulfilling and I have gotten a few nice e-mails but it has not been a story the masses and average erotica reader has downloaded—though the director gave it a very nice shout out which made me feel very good.

I see in erotica, risk is not always rewarded in the marketplace unless it really something original—dinosaur and beast mating became big, but that is just not my thing (when I’m the prude, I know it is some truly kinky stuff.)

As I do something that is still a little out there mixing politics and satire, into erotica I am once again gambling.

I could lose but I like when the stakes are high. 


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