Why Ethiopian Food Is Better Than Sex


I live in DC and it can be very dull, and so can a lot of the men, but one of things you cannot beat is our Ethiopian food.

While a man or woman or combo of the two can be quite the tasty treat, it does not beat the sponge bread and spicy food of an Ethiopian dish (I am erotica writer, not a foodie, I am not Googling the ingredients or name.)

All I know is Ethiopian food has never finished too son, I am always the one finishing first and with plenty left over; it also doesn’t talk about sports or Beltway politics–yawn.

The only problem is you can’t eat and write, because you have to use your hands (there are no forks), but there are so many men who think their hands are in the way of getting sex and with Ethiopian food the foreplay is all about getting your hands dirty and then tasting the meal. 

If you are ever in DC, yes, visit all the tourist stuff but make sure you find a good Ethiopian restaurant; we have the best in the nation and afterward you will feel inspired, full, and sensual—now if I can only find a boyfriend that makes me feel that way I would be set.



PS I got my first review and it was good one from a total stranger!


Also, my political satire-erotica novella “A Fair & Balanced Fuck Fest” I am working very hard on and my editor is loving it so fair; I’m very excited for it to come out!  


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