Television or Film: What is the Superior Medium?


Jayme K. | The Official Blog


I’m usually hesitant to agree with those who claim that television has overtaken film as the more quality medium, if only for the fact that each year hundreds of movies are produced and the cinematic field is generally capacious for innovation. But honestly, 2013 wasn’t a great year for film and 2014 is looking pretty underwhelming itself. 2012 was good for heavy-duty, billion dollar blockbusters and nothing more. It’s been a while since we’ve had an abundance of truly original, great independent and commercial films.

85% of what we’re given now is recycled and its like film is somehow contingent to television; people like continuity, they like repetition. The medium, in a subtle way, is trying to mimic TV. Five Pirates films, 80 Marvel films, a new Paranormal Activity every year. We’re being beaten over the head, commercially, with the same products every single year—with the occasional ‘original’ blockbuster that…

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